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Massage Shampoo Bar With Amla & Chebe Powder

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Product Description 

Make wash day exciting again! 

Brighten your wash day with our massage shampoo bar incorporated with raw black soap, amla, chebe powder and a mixture of luxury pure oils that promote hair growth & strength. 

- Handmade in the UK 

- Up to 10 washes  

- Stimulates hair growth 

- Strengthens the scalp and hair

- Treats dandruff & dry scalp 

- Each bar weighs 100 – 120g 

How to use: Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, section hair in 2 or 4 parts, slowly start to  massage your scalp in circular motions, allowing the bar to lather. Once lathered and scalp and hair  are clean, rinse well with water.  

Ingredients: Shea butter Soap Base, Chebe powder, Amla powder, Raw black soap, Castor oil, Hemp oil,  Avocado oil, Olive oil & Rice Bran oil  

Store in a cool dry place after use.